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Privacy Statement of Media2Art GbR

Media2Art GbR, Kälblesrainweg 19-1, 73430 Aalen, Germany (hereafter “MEDIA2ART”) takes the matter of data protection very seriously, and would like to ensure that your privacy is protected when you use any MEDIA2ART websites. MEDIA2ART has therefore drawn up these data processing guidelines to explain how MEDIA2ART handles your private data. MEDIA2ART reserves the right to occasionally amend the content of this document, and we therefore recommend that you revisit these data processing guidelines on a regular basis.

1. The Scope of the Privacy Statement
1.1. This Privacy Statement applies to all websites and games operated by MEDIA2ART.

1.2. Should the user be forwarded to a website not operated by MEDIA2ART via a link contained in one of the websites or games operated by MEDIA2ART, MEDIA2ART hereby notifies the user that the MEDIA2ART Privacy Statement shall not apply to this third-party site. MEDIA2ART is therefore not responsible for the manner in which the operator of this linked website handles the personal information submitted by its users. In particular, MEDIA2ART cannot guarantee that the same standards of data protection will apply to a website not operated by MEDIA2ART as the standards provided to users by MEDIA2ART. MEDIA2ART would therefore recommend that users read the Privacy Statements of such linked websites very carefully.

2. Personal information
2.1. MEDIA2ART shall only collect, process and use your personal information with your consent or if such use is permitted by the relevant legislation. MEDIA2ART will only collect, process and use personal information that is essential for the implementation and use of the services provided or that you voluntarily submit to MEDIA2ART.

2.2. Personal information refers to information regarding the personal or factual situation relating to a specific or identifiable customer. This includes, for example, the individual’s name, email address, home address, gender, date of birth, phone number or age.

3. Scope of the data collection
Personal information gathered by MEDIA2ART is:
• Information that you have supplied when you registered (e.g. name, address, email address) and any data you supplied in the context of a request or inquiry.

“Server log data” is stored when you visit and use any games or websites operated by MEDIA2ART. Therefore, when users visit any websites or games operated by MEDIA2ART, MEDIA2ART saves the IP address of the computer from which the user contacted MEDIA2ART, the date and duration of the user’s visit to the websites and games operated by MEDIA2ART, and any pages the user accessed while visiting the websites or games operated by MEDIA2ART. The server log data is only stored temporarily, and is required both for technical reasons and to ensure system security.

4. The purposes for which personal data is collected
4.1. MEDIA2ART requires your personal data:
• To perform contractual services and for billing purposes;
• To respond to your queries;
• To provide help, support and any other important information regarding your contract;
• For email promotions if you have granted MEDIA2ART the appropriate authorization and consent, which can be withdrawn at any time; and
• To enable MEDIA2ART to develop and improve its products and services anonymously.

4.2. MEDIA2ART may occasionally use the data collected to notify users of any malfunction or improper use of the websites or games operated by MEDIA2ART. MEDIA2ART therefore uses specific programs to save the IP address and any other data the browser sends as header information. Such storage and reporting of user data for the prevention of malfunction and improper use is either entirely anonymous or with the user’s consent. Should MEDIA2ART become aware that a user is violating his contractual obligations by for example using illegal scripts, MEDIA2ART expressly reserves the right to combine the IP address of the relevant user with other data stored by MEDIA2ART about the user to notify him of such violation. MEDIA2ART may then take further action against the user concerned to restore normal game operation.

5. Sharing of data with third parties
5.1. MEDIA2ART is entitled to share payment processing user data with the service providers responsible for payment processing and for collecting any fees due, provided this is required to calculate payments and for accounting purposes. MEDIA2ART may also provide user data to third parties whom MEDIA2ART has assigned to collect receivables from users, provided this is required for collecting such receivables. MEDIA2ART will notify users of the name of the relevant third parties. Where MEDIA2ART collaborates with third parties to provide services, MEDIA2ART shall ensure that such third parties comply with the applicable data protection laws and can guarantee an adequate level of data protection. MEDIA2ART may also use the information supplied by the user, or stored about the user, for purely internal research into demographics, user interests and behavior; any such use will be anonymized.

5.2. MEDIA2ART may also aggregate and evaluate information about the user in a statistical and anonymous form for promotional and market research purposes. If, and insofar as, MEDIA2ART uses such data under pseudonyms to create user profiles, MEDIA2ART will never share these profiles without the express permission of the user, and will cease using such profiles immediately should the user withdraw his permission.

5.3. MEDIA2ART will store the email address of any users who sign up to the newsletter and will use the email addresses to send the newsletter and information about MEDIA2ART GAMES to the user. The user can of course withdraw his consent at any time in written or text form (e.g. via email) free of charge, apart from the cost of sending such revocation (at the basic tariffs). In every information bulletin or newsletter it circulates, MEDIA2ART will enable the user to opt out of receiving any further information and to withdraw his consent. Where appropriate, MEDIA2ART will allow third parties to contact the user for advertising purposes, provided the user has authorized MEDIA2ART to do so.

6. Automatic data collection using cookies
6.1. MEDIA2ART will use cookies in some areas to ensure that the websites and games operated by MEDIA2ART are both user-friendly and appropriate to the user’s requirements. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and which enables us to analyze your use of our website. When you access our websites, cookies will automatically collect the following information through the MEDIA2ART IT system:

• Your Internet address (IP address);
• Browser type and version;
• URL of the previous website from which a link was followed to the MEDIA2ART website (referrer URL);
• Operating system used;
• Website to which you are forwarded from the MEDIA2ART website; and
• Date and time of access.

6.2. This data will be saved separately from any other data you submit to MEDIA2ART and no link will be made between this data and your other data. The data will be used for statistical purposes to optimize MEDIA2ART’s websites, products and services and will be deleted once it has been analyzed.

6.3. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings if you do not want us to use them. You can at any time also manually delete any cookies from your hard drive that are already stored on your computer. Please note that deleting cookies may affect the functionality of the MEDIA2ART website.

7. Collecting and processing data using Google Analytics
This website uses the Analytics web analysis tool. Analytics uses cookies to enable the operator of this website to analyze website use. Cookies generate information about the user that is then sent to the website operator’s server and stored for analysis. The website analysis will be used solely to optimize the website. The Internet user remains anonymous, as his IP address is immediately anonymized, and any information generated from the cookies will not be shared with third parties.

If you do not wish cookies to be used, you can block them in your browser. You can at any time also manually delete any cookies from your hard drive that are already stored on your computer. Please note that deleting cookies may affect the functionality of the MEDIA2ART website.

If you only want to refuse permission for us to store and analyze your data using Analytics, you can disable this feature at any time by ticking the following checkbox; a deactivation cookie will then be placed in your browser to prevent any data being collected using Analytics. However, when you delete cookies you may also delete your deactivation cookie, which you will then have to reactivate.

If there is a tick next to this item, your visit to the website will be detected by the Analytics web analysis tool when it collects anonymous data. If you do not want the data to be collected, simply click on the tick to remove it.

8. Use of Facebook and social plugins
The websites operated by MEDIA2ART use Facebook social network “plugins” that are operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook"). The plugins are recognizable from the Facebook logo or the “Facebook social plugin” add-on. You can access an overview of the Facebook plugins and what they look like at: .

When a user accesses a website operated by MEDIA2ART which contains a Facebook plugin, the user’s browser creates a direct link to the Facebook servers. The content of the plugin will be sent direct from Facebook to the user’s browser and then embedded in the website.

Once the plugin is embedded, Facebook will receive the information that the user’s browser has accessed the relevant website operated by MEDIA2ART, even if the user has no Facebook account, or is not currently logged in to Facebook. This information (including the user’s IP address) will be sent direct from the user’s browser to a Facebook server in the USA and stored there.

If the user is logged in to Facebook, Facebook can directly assign the user’s visit to the website operated by MEDIA2ART to his Facebook account. If the user interacts with the plugins, e.g. via the “Like” button, or if he posts a comment, the corresponding information will also be sent direct to and stored on the Facebook server. The information will also be posted on Facebook and displayed to the user’s Facebook friends.

Facebook may use this information for advertising or market research purposes and to tailor the design of the Facebook pages as appropriate. Facebook will use the data to create usage, interest and relationship profiles, for example to analyze how the user’s use of the website operated by MEDIA2ART compares to the ads that appear on the user’s Facebook site, to notify other Facebook users about the user’s activities on the website operated by MEDIA2ART and also to provide services that correspond to their Facebook use.

If the user does not want Facebook to assign the data collected via the website operated by MEDIA2ART to their Facebook account, the user should log out of Facebook before visiting the website operated by MEDIA2ART.

Please consult Facebook’s data protection notices to view the scope and purpose of the data collection, further use of the data by Facebook and the user’s rights and settings options relevant to the protection of their privacy:

9. Data security implemented by MEDIA2ART
MEDIA2ART has implemented all the technical and organizational security measures to protect your data in particular against loss, tampering and unauthorized access. MEDIA2ART regularly updates its security measures in line with current technical developments. The employees of MEDIA2ART are bound to data secrecy in accordance with § 5 BDSG (German Data Protection Act).

10. Storage
MEDIA2ART will only store personal information for as long as it is required by MEDIA2ART to provide its services, or in the event that legal or regulatory obligations require an extended period of storage.

11. Consent and retraction
If you authorize MEDIA2ART to use, process and share your personal information for promotional purposes (e.g. to send electronic newsletters or information on products, or for use with Google Analytics, etc.), you can also withdraw such authorization. No specific form or notice period are required for this. Moreover, provided MEDIA2ART is using your data to the extent permitted by law, you can also refuse its use for postal promotional campaigns. In either case please contact:

Media2Art GbR
Kälblesrainweg 19-1
73430 Aalen

12. Amendments to, and correction, blocking or deletion of, personal information
You can modify your personal information yourself at any time (e.g. to update or correct it) or delete your personal information and/or user account entirely. If you would like MEDIA2ART to amend, correct, block or delete your personal information, please contact MEDIA2ART at:

13. Information on personal data
Upon request, MEDIA2ART will inform you immediately and free of charge regarding any personal data we have stored about you. This information will usually be sent in electronic form, normally via email. Any request for information should be sent to:

Media2Art GbR
Kälblesrainweg 19-1
73430 Aalen

Version: January 14, 2015

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